‘World War Z’ Invades Duffy Square


“It’s been a long time coming,” Brad Pitt told the Ziegfeld Theater crowd on June 17. “We’ve got a good one for you, so let’s start.”

It wasn’t hype. Paramount’s “World War Z” had the audience at the pic’s American premiere breaking into applause no less than six times during the next two hours.

Earlier, seven blocks downtown, there were cops, security and fans assembled around the Duffy Square TKTS booth where Paramount had mounted an enormous elevated red Z for the zombie film’s press line as five Jumbotrons broadcast live interviews and the “WWZ” trailer.

Pitt created a commotion signing autographs and shaking hands before he promised everyone, “It’s the most intense thing you’ll see this summer.”

Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment made the $170 million picture with Skydance and Paramount, and the star-producer said he wanted to re-create the kind of blockbuster that “my family used to gather around…

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